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Upon your third infraction of the Randomnessrp rules, you'll be banned from the site. Three strikes, you're out. * Rule 1: Respect is demanded from every member for every member of this rp. Do not insult the moderators or the administrators of this site or roleplay. Insulting their hard work is disrespectful and cannot be tolerated. This applies to Registered Users as well, since they are the heart & soul of the site. Without them, there wouldn't be a site. Please keep things civil and show each other respect. Disagreements are inevitable but please do not allow an argument to erupt from a disagreement. Punishment may result in a warning to ban, depending on the severity. // * Rule 2: No cussing. This includes any swear word or phrase that is considered rude. Damn, Hell, and Pissed are classified as swear words. Abbreviations cannot be used. Any other vulgar word is prohibited. If any user is caught using an offensive remark, punishment can range from a warning to a ban, depending on the severity. // * Rule 3: Uploading sexual content to this site and any roleplay is prohibited. Any member caught posting, uploading, screening, or roleplaying sexual content will be immediately banned from this site. The ban is permanent and will not ever be revoked, not even by probation. If the member persists, an IP Ban from the Staff may be issued. // * Rule 4: Please do not advertise sites, products, or services anywhere other than the advertising page or your profile. You shall be assigned a warning for advertising anywhere other than the advertising forum. Advertising through messages is strictly prohibited. On Randomnessrp, advertising is defined as any member of Randomnessrp persuading another to view an online website. The presence of a link in any advertisement message no longer matters. You cannot ask people to help you with a site via message, period. A Staff Member will assign you a warning for committing any of the above infractions. There is one exception to the advertising rule. Advertising the link to a picture, video, and any other form of media, through messages or posted on a thread, is permitted on Randomnessrp. Punishment for an advertising infraction is always one warning. // * Rule 5: Do not send spam to the moderators, administrators, or any member of Randomnessrp Spam messages are annoying and rude. Spam is classified as any repetitive, irrelevant, or invaluable posts or messages that is sent in a message or posted on the public forum. Each post needs substance, should not be redundant, and should introduce new content or ideas. If any member clogs anyone's inbox with spam, one warning will be assigned. // * Rule 6: Please don't beg for a position as a moderator or administrator. If you beg for a position, there's less of a chance that you'll be promoted at any point in time. If persistence does occur, punishment is one warning. // * Rule 7: You cannot appoint yourself to a special position (Leader or Medicine cat). On Randomnessrp, you have to earn a special position & appointed by one of the individual clan leaders. You are also not permitted to create your own clan. If you create an unofficial clan, the thread will be locked and every participant will be assigned one warning. If the site is unlocked, do not create a page without permission granted from the Staff Members. // * Rule 8: Under no circumstance is any user on Randomnessrp allowed to roleplay another member's cat without their consent (approval). If you have not received permission to roleplay or kill another user's cat, you shall receive a warning. // * Rule 9: Only Clan Leaders may have star as the suffix of their warrior's name. In addition, cats names cannot contain star as the prefix to their warrior name. For instance, Starkit, Starpaw, and Starsearcher is prohibited. However, star can be used as an element that is included in the name of a Tribe Cat. Ex: Star High in the Sky. // * Rule 10: Please don't talk, argue or debate religion and politics. Discussing any political or religious aspect in a public thread will inevitably spark a fight. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please keep these beliefs kept in your intermittent thoughts. Punishment can result in the thread being locked, depending on the severity. // * Rule 11: Please do not use names from the Warrior Cat books. However, rogue names, such as Cherry and Princess, are not copyrighted by Erin Hunter. These defined names can be used on Classic as long as the cats physical description and personality are astronomically different than the biography fabricated by Erin Hunter. If cherry is used as a prefix or a suffix in a warrior name, no punishment will occur. The cat's name should not derive from a man-made product. The cat's name can derive from an emotion or a naturally-occurring object. // * Rule 12: No God-Mode. Cats can't become immune or invincible to attacks. If God-Mode occurs, the user involved will receive a warning. Warrior cats cannot have special markings or symbols. If this occurs, the user will receive a warning from one of the Staff Members. No exceptions to this except for Plots and Prophecies. // * Rule 13: The Staff Members have no tolerance for any and all discriminatory, racist, sexist and inappropriate remarks. Any discriminatory remarks will be deleted and the poster will be banned from here. No exceptions. // * Rule 14: Randomnessrp condones the roleplaying of homosexual couples, however, if abuse of this privilege occurs, the cats will be deleted and the users will receive a warning. If persistence occurs, a ban may be appropriate. Each clan has their own policy for homosexual couples & apprentice pregnancies. Punishment for defiance of clan policies on homosexual roleplay and apprentice pregnancy will be decided by each individual clan leader. [Still on discussion by Staff, rule may be removed] // * Rule 15: The Randomnessrp Staff permits the roleplaying of warriors & humans. Human roleplay is. Swearing, Sex, and Drugs are prohibited in any forms of roleplay. Warrior Cat roleplay is permitted on any section within the roleplay boundaries of Randomnessrp. Any other form of roleplay is prohibited. // * Rule 16: Banned members that committed Minor Offenses can be given the opportunity to serve a probation period. If a member who committed a Minor Offense asks to be unbanned, the Staff Members would discuss the possibility of a probation period for them. If a majority of the Staff Members agree, the member would be unbanned for one month. During probation, the member cannot break the Rules. Any broken rule will result in a permanent and immediate ban. If the user is not assigned a single warning throughout their probation period, they would be unbanned & given one warning. Every redeemed user will receive one warning after probation, no exceptions. This single warning is in place to remind banned members of their previous offenses to Randomnessrp. // * Rule 17: In general, submission stealing is prohibited on Randomnessrp. However, the usage of defined submissions is permitted, with regulations attached. Before you upload any submission to Randomnessrp, you must ask the original creator for permission. If you don't receive permission from the creator, it is forbidden to use their submission. Once you've received permission to use the submission, you must also provide credit for the original creator. There's one exception to this rule: Some images are titled "free use" images. These images must be credited, but you do not need permission from the creator. On Randomnessrp, submissions are defined as an image, layout, or banner. The punishment for submission stealing is always a warning. Also, you'll be asked to remove the submission. Refusal will result in an administrator removing all stolen submission from your profile or thread/post. * Rule 18: Abbreviations are not best welcomed on Randomnessrp. We will allow such abbreviations as: LOL (Laugh Out Loud) IDK (I Don't Know) IK (I Know) IKR (I Know, Right) IDC (I Don't Care) NVM (Never Mind) OMG (Oh My Gosh) GTG (Got To Go) - U is not allowed under any circumstances. If you can't spell good, please inform the staff and they will accept it only for you. Otherwise, if you can't spell "you","ok", or "oh" then you shouldn't be using text-based technology at all! Under any circumstances the staff are allowed to edit these rules. The staff are not cruel or strict, we just wish to help improve the immature people of the world.