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Post by Poppyfrost on Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:06 pm

Note: Images (C) original owner.
This is a magical rp where ancient, mythical, and legendary creatures are brought together to receive an ancient prophecy, and fulfill it.
Your creature can only be the following;
A god creature (a flower unicorn, etc.),
etc (any mystical creature. Wink )
Note: A horse is allowed at times, ONLY if the horse becomes a unicorn, pegasus, or a unipegasus during the role-plays!

News & Updates:

Cloudy, hint of rain

Characters found:
The creatures cannot look stupid or goofy like this: A legends keep 2289-normal
They must look realistic, like this: A legends keep 100012295-normal
You may have special items on the creature: A legends keep 100007206-normal/A legends keep 100005973-normal
~ Make sure they look creative: A legends keep 100004463-normal
- A unicorns horn HAS to be at the headlock (above the eyes where their "bangs" are)! Unicorns that are mixed with something, like a Unicorn cross somthing; A legends keep 100004314-normal,A legends keep 100002154-normal, or A legends keep 100004382-normal, are allowed!
Make your own. Be creative. You can also use my other role-plays' forms, too, if you like.
The rules were the longest, so I saved it for last.
-Keep it PG-13, so put Time-skip when your unicorn or such is mating or when your character is having a baby (or dragon-ling), just... er... tell a mini-mod that your character is doing one of these and he/she will handle the rest (meaning updating your characters profile or announcing it.)
-No killing,or causing permanent damage without other person permission. (like braking legs, etc. Without the owner of the creatures'/characters permission, and a mini-mods', too!)
-Fighting over mates IS allowed, ONLY if your not a human-being looking creature (example: ELF)!
-No God modding, power playing, Mary-sues/Gary-stus, etc.
-No being your own crush/mate, its not fun and its not fair. Someone might like your character and would like to make them be together.
-I don't care how many characters you have, just make sure to keep them active. Keep the genders balanced too.
-I have no limit on how your character looks, but follow the rules I gave to you about the looks!
-No textspeak. I cannot stress this, as textspeak is hard to understand and inappropiate for this type of role-play.
-I expect decent grammar, punctuation, and spelling from all of you.
-I have all rights to decline your submission form.
-Respect my authority and other role-player's authority.
-Do not come expecting for everyone to get your character involved. Especially if at certain times many of the players are wrapped up. Just jump in where ever you can and get involved yourself.
-This IS a semi lit rp that means 3+ sentences or a least a good sized paragraph, you will get one warning if you fail to comply next time your out please don't make me do that. So I beg of you here and now, if you know you are not capable of a semi lit rp PLEASE Don't Join! Writers Block is understandable but not all the time.
-PM if you would like to be a Mini Mod for this topic.
- I don't care if you PM me your form but, that doesn't mean you get a free pass to send me one that is illiterate.
-Romance, Violence, Forbidden love and Heartbreak are all encouraged.
-This is not a secret code word. So yay for you if you're reading this. C: If you aren't, and you don't follow the rules, I eatchoo. 3< Don't make me do that.
-Do not, DO NOT! abandon the RP. It's really annoying when someone just stops posting. If you want to leave, tell me, or if you are going away for a while let someone rp your character's.
-Absolutly NO advertising! It is total and complete spam, please don't do it or you will get a warning. If you are so desperate to get people to join, go to the forums and post it somewhere else.
-Give your creature/s personalities and rp them! Its more fun that way ^^.
-I'm not a mean person guys, I'm sarcastic so please follow my rules and above all.. Have Fun!

A legends keep Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdxg3PoOdBSl86DZg4wU9WCM2iSDdM4fuUdQwqTO6rtgkAsn__sg
A legends keep Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1FqG1WiiaCjERLaJeN9kFxIQ1p0_h9OyKl_M4gNZqeMozg-IX9Q
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