Ranks, Special names, and more! All about warriors!

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Ranks, Special names, and more! All about warriors!

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(Information © Erin Hunter, and the Warriors Wiki.)
For some reason, I abandoned to continue writing this, so just follow the links to find more.
Kits ~ http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Kit
A kit is a cat under the age of six moons, still living in the nursery with its mother and littermates. Kits may be mischievous, and are known to bother warriors and elders. However, they tend to be interested in the stories the elders tell. Most kits are eager to begin their apprenticeship before they reach six moons of age. A kit's name must end with the suffix '-kit'; for example: Bluekit, Snowkit, or Dovekit.

Description: When a kit is born, their mother or father names them, usually after its appearance, or sometimes to honor another cat of the same name. Kits stay in the nursery together with their mother who nurses them and takes care of them for six moons.
All Clan cats, and especially the queens, are very protective of kits. They are fed first and are not expected to catch their own food or do chores. No warrior may neglect a kit in danger, even if it is from a different Clan. However, half-Clan kits or those of non-Clan origins are usually frowned upon by pure-blood Clan cats as their commitment to their foster Clan can be questioned. Half-Clan kits are usually taken in by the Clan of the mother. Example: Featherkit and Stormkit went to live with RiverClan even though Silverstream had died and Graystripe was still alive, in ThunderClan.

Kits are not allowed out of the nursery until their mother feels the time is right. After that, they can go around the camp, though never far from their mother. A kit cannot leave the Clan camp; however, sometimes they get away and get in trouble.

Kits tend to have soft and fluffy fur. They are usually curious, mischievous, and playful, trying to get the Clan warriors to play with them. Most of them are too young to fully understand the Clan traditions or the Warrior Code, but if they break a rule, they are not punished and sometimes very lightly scolded depending on the severity of their deed. They often accidentally annoy warriors and elders, but are fascinated in the stories the elders tell. Kits often want to start training or become warriors immediately, and have to be reminded that they must wait until they are six moons old.

Education: While in the nursery, kits gradually learn about their Clanmates, Clan ways, traditions, rivals, and about the Warrior Code as they get older. Their mother, the other queens in the nursery, and the elders will tell them stories of great battles, journeys, and cats. The care of the kits is shared by all of the queens.
Once reaching the age of six moons, they become apprentices, which will replace the last part of their name to from "kit" to "paw" (for example, Frostkit becomes Frostpaw, Nightkit becomes Nightpaw, Crowkit becomes Crowpaw, Honeykit becomes Honeypaw, etc.). They will either go on the path of a medicine cat or a warrior, and their mentor will teach them the ways of the path they choose.
Medicine Cats
My Words
A kitten is a cat that has not learned about the real world. How in StarClan do the StarClan cats suddenly become reborn, is unknown. (Example: The ancient, grand leader, Skystar, has been reborn into the trusty leader, Bramblestar, when Bramblestar was jut a kitten. Moonstar never knew, but was later told by Skystar's mate, Shellwatcher, when she had finally joined the StarClan ranks.)

An apprentice is a cat that learns the ways of the Code, the Clans, and more. They were born to protect their Clan, even with disabilities. Apprentices have learned not to get into someone's buisness, but still, some do. Even as warriors! A good example is Cloudspots. As the new deputy of a forgotten Clan, SmokeClan, he still gets snobby. He is now a very well trained leader, with StarClan every step of his paws. He hears unheard whipspers, and tells his medicine cat all the time. At one point, the leader had to leave his down-hearted Clan, and travel to the unknown, along with his so called body-guard, Dogface.

A warrior is a cat out of his or hers young age, and is there to protect their Clan. Warriors sometimes do not know the feeling of love and compassion, and that is one reason the broad warrior, Cloudwatcher, turned down the sweet she-cat warrior, who is now in the ranks of a queen with her mate over watching. Cloudwatcher never knew the feeling of love or compassion, because he stabbed his left eye.

A medicine cat is an intelligent and wise cat who can receive prophecies and are relatively close to their ancestors. Yet, some cats do not believe in StarClan, and every time the medicine cats travel to the Moonlake, they only sleep like a regular cat. But one special cat, named Sunpaw or Sunpetal, knows what that cat is dreaming. Her ancestor, Jayfeather, who was blind, but could read other cats' minds, had sort of passed down that power. Sunpetal's littermates, Gauntpelt and Cherrystorm, have also had passed down powers. Cherrystorm has Hollyleaf's thinking and knowledge, and Dovewing's power, of far hearing. Gauntpelt had Lionblaze's special power of endless energy and never getting injured.

A deputy is an apprentice of the leader. He or she has to follow what their leader speaks or does, and follow up other things the leader does. If the leader does not die or retire, the deputy cannot receive his or hers' lives and name. An example: with Brokenstar still alive, Nightstar could not receive his lives or his name.

A leader is the highest rank of the Clan. They are treated with respect, and given nine lives for different things the leader will need. Hope, love, strength, etc. The leader also gives the speeches, but if the leader is ill or away, the deputy must carry on the leader's job, and their own. When the leader dies or retires, then the deputy moves up. A leader must choose a new deputy before moonhigh.


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