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As you walk around Berrystone street, you see a wanted poster, saying;
"Wanted: Staff
Payment: 500
Limit: 3
Will you accept?"
Welcome, stranger.
You walk toward an elderly bridge, the dried leaves of fall crumbling beneath your boots. The grass still had dew, of course, as it had rain earlier this morning. As your left foot fell onto the elderly bridge, a creak sounded from in front of you. You lift your head up, and see a fiery wolf. Next to the figure is a sign saying, "Phoenix Mountain, beware phoenix wolves!" You turn your head to the phoenix wolf. He howls, and many others join him. They trot over the bridge, and circle you. Challenging you to step forward. You close your eyes, thinking, this is my end... Then suddenly, the wolves froze. You opened one eye, and see a large phoenix wolf. The wind whips around your curly brown hair. You hear a whisper in the wind, when the large wolf opens his jaws. "Join us, stranger. We shall teach you the ways of the phoenix wolves. You have courage, and we welcome you as a new phoenix wolf!" The wolf seemed to howl. The other wolves howled, and your neck hairs begin to rise. You are 21, living on your own, and now you join a pack of the most dangerous wolves? You nod to the large wolf, and his eyes turn to fiery violet. He seems to howl a sacred song, and you feel your leg, arm, and necks hairs turn into fiery red wolf fur. You yowl, but it suddenly turns into a howl. You look at yourself in the dark river close to the bridge. You are a wolf! The other wolves nod their heads and the alpha flicks his tail for you to join him. Will you follow the ways of the last pack of phoenix wolves? Or will you abandoned them, and let them die out?

Wanted Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcShGQwY-OQ55t9r4Q_oNTcCVzyWJmjVIn_dtN3wLwQqd0lkecWp0A
I was here.
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