Twilight Moon

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Twilight Moon

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As the hot red moon approached, the breeze kicked in. A little yellow grasshopper hopped, the cows mooed, the horses neighed, the goats baaed, the chicks chirped, the birds sang their songs, the house creaked with every footstep, the barn door cried, sweetly, the pigs snorted, and the family ate their thanksgiving food in peace. The moon arose and the family sang their prayers. The neighborhood lit up their lanterns, and let them free among the stars. The gods let the stars glow for their thanks, and sent shooting stars for the end of the ceremony. This sacred ceremony awakens every twilight moons, or eclipse moons. The family sat, and ate the rest, and then cleaned up, and went to their bedrooms to sleep. This ceremony is tiring, but it is sacred, and must be kept alive. For this is also our thanks to the gods for the things they have done for us.
Morning arose, and the owls hooted their good-byes for the night, and took off. The family sat, said their prayers, and ate. They left for church the following morning, and everyone was there, awaiting the rest of the families to join them in the prayers.


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