Warrior Pet RP!

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Warrior Pet RP!

Post by נιηgℓєƒσχ_Starrypoke on Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:17 pm

In this rp, the Forum Rules follow, but your pet gains both intelligence points and power points as well! Good luck!
Please do note that I control Jayfrost, as well as my pet, Foxstar, as the owner is barely on.
Foxstar traveled through the frosty ground, her paws nearly frozen as she entered the camp. "Foxstar!" A cat called; turning, Foxstar noticed it was Jayfrost.
"Yes, Jayfrost?"
"Badgers raided the camp! Iceshine told us to leave as soon as possible, as well as Lionstar." Jayfrost meowed.
"Where is the Clan?" Foxstar demanded.
"Gone," Jayfrost meowed with horror.
"I came back from hunting patrol a while ago, as I could hear the Clan making bunches of noises!" He replied.
"But," He meowed more calmly.
"The badger's did not get a hold of the kittens, queens, nor elders as of what Shadowfrost told me." He announced.
"Where is Shadowfrost?" Foxstar meowed.
"Gone as well," He responded.
"How did all of them leave then? And without you?" Foxstar demanded, her glare aggressive.
"Shadowfrost told me to get some moss, as Iceshine had gotten hit by a sharp branch,"
"They were gone when I got back..." He meowed.
"All of them except you."


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